Ensuring wellbeing is available to everyone, regardless of background or personal story.

A Green social prescription to the natural health service

Our mission is to improve and boost the wellbeing of people and the planet. Our Social Purpose programme drives us as a social enterprise and allows us to ensure that wellbeing is accessible for all. Through grant funding, and the reinvestment of profits from our Just Stay, workshops and corporate experiences, we provide opportunities to marginalised communities and individuals so they can benefit from our social prescription to the natural health service. We particularly focus on people with multiple and complex needs and those experiencing isolation and loneliness.


All our workshops are informed by robust scientific research into the positive psychological and physically cathartic effects of time spent in nature, overwhelmingly supporting the age-old notion of nature immersion’s positive effects. Our work is particularly informed by over 50 years of research by Gallup into the Five Essentials for Wellbeing and the New Economic Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Workshops blend traditional greenwood craft, bushcraft, forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku), environmental activities, conservation work and sustainable woodland management. The New Economic Foundation emphasised the significance of nature and food for wellbeing, which we incorporate into our work, the latter provided through the sharing of a healthy meal cooked on the open fire using locally sourced ingredients.

By giving everyone access to our programmes, regardless of their circumstances, we aspire to make a positive contribution to nature and play our part in mitigating the effects of the climate emergency.

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We’re always looking for like-minded charities or social enterprises who are keen to collaborate with us for the betterment of their beneficiaries. Or, if you’re a business looking to support our social purpose as part of your corporate social responsibility agenda, we’d love to hear from you.

women+ wellbeing in nature project

In partnership with Fotonow CIC we have been running a series of one-day experiences for members of the Crescent Women+ photography group.

Through a blend of nature connection  activities- forest bathing (aka Shinrin Yoku), greenwood craft, artist charcoal making, journal-making & nature journalling- with photography, particpants immersed deeply in our beautiful woods, boosting and improving their wellbeing.

Fotonow staff supported participants to capture their experience using high spec digtal cameras, ultimately telling their story and sharing their experiences through an exhibition of their creative output in Plymouth.

wellbeing in nature for men

https://www.resilientlives.org.uk/dough-bro-sFunded through a National Lottery Awards for All grant and working in partnership with Resilient Lives, a year-long Wellbeing in Nature programme was delivered for members of the mens’ wellbeing group, Dough Bros (Sharing Food- Sharing Feelings), . Building from pizza-making and fire circle sessions in Totnes, a series of one-day experiences were delivered, leading to a two-day, overnight wild-glamp experience in the woods. Over the two days, the group foraged for food, learnt whittling skills and took part in a greenwood craft session. 

There were regular fire-circle sessions, time to relax and the food highlight was definitely the sour-dough pizzas on the Saturday night!


Veterans outdoors

Over the past year Greenwood Music has facilitated several workshops including an overnight stay with Veterans Outdoors, a charity who work with veterans as well as those still serving.  Having been to the woods on several occasions they have been thoroughly blown away by the peace and quiet and the chance to be in a safe space to have honest conversation with like-minded people.

The feedback from the groups has been great.  With them recognising the benefit to their mental health our workshops can bring. Through the conversations taken place individual’s self-confidence has increased, giving some of the people suffering from mental health issues a reason to leave the house. We were told that the workshops acted as a catalyst for motivation to do more, learn new skills and in turn reduce isolation.  They really enjoyed learning new skills for their own hobbies and for potential employment prospects. Veterans Outdoors are keen to come back to do more and give back to the environment by conducting conservation work which is key to maintaining our Temperate Rain Forest.  Spending time in the woods allowed them the opportunity for respite and to enable individuals to reset and recuperate from busy lives.