Greenwood Music Cic

A social enterprise with a mission to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet. 

The best nature-based wellbeing experiences

We’re Greenwood Music, a social enterprise as committed to protecting the natural environment as we are to enjoying it. With a tranquil location in the foothills of Bodmin Moor, our wellbeing in nature experiences and workshops are designed to benefit people and the planet while allowing you to unplug from the outside world and tune in to your environment, all while making memories to last a lifetime.

From traditional greenwood crafting and forest bathing to bushcraft and nature immersion activities, our one-day and overnight workshops are delivered by experts in their field, providing fun and fascinating teachings in a relaxed setting. All workshops are informed by the New Economics Foundation’s ‘Five ways to wellbeing’ and created to enable and inspire all, whatever your ability, social background or life circumstances.

We also offer one-day and overnight staff wellbeing experiences for companies and organisations that combine crafting, nature immersion and conservation activities, giving your team the chance to be active outdoors while learning new skills and how to protect the environment. If you’re looking to spend time surrounded by nature, Greenwood’s self-catered wild glamping experience takes all the fun of wild camping, without all the hassle. Enjoy pre-erected bell tents on the banks of the River Lynher, with exclusive access to a peaceful three-acre meadow and the surrounding 40-acre ancient woodland.

Rest easy in the knowledge that your visit is making a positive impact. As a social enterprise, we reinvest 50% of profits into our Wellbeing in Nature programme, a social prescription to the natural health service focused on people who are struggling with mental health issues, facing multiple and complex needs, or experiencing isolation and loneliness. By giving everyone access to our experiences, we aim to make a positive contribution to nature while mitigating the effects of the climate emergency.

Our Founders

We’re often asked where the ‘music’ part of our name comes from. It started with Phil in 2015, whose original workshops involved using traditional greenwood craft techniques to make xylophones from locally sourced wood. Aydin came on board in 2016 and we found our 40-acre home in Caradon Woods. Together, Aydin and Phil bring a wealth of experience and a shared passion for nature to their work at Greenwood Music, where they harness the power of the outdoors to inspire positive change.


Working in the woods and being close to nature has been a constant source of inspiration and relaxation for Phil. With 15 years of experience in education, including lecturing, teaching, and training, he has led diverse programs and projects. Phil initially embarked on a career in forestry, tree surgery, and landscape design. Later, he earned a degree in Rural Resource Management, enabling him to manage estates and transition them to organic status.

During his tenure as the Tree-Claim Project Officer at the Silvanus Trust, Phil oversaw a community-based wood recycling initiative that expanded from bird boxes to a 1000 sqft. furniture workshop. This initiative engaged a diverse group of participants, including NEETS program attendees, disaffected school pupils, SEN individuals, and people in recovery from addiction. Additionally, Phil delivered an NVQ2 in Environmental Conservation.

In 2004, Phil joined Cornwall College as a Programme Manager and Lecturer in Countryside Management and Wildlife Conservation. He also played a crucial role in establishing the Greenwood Garden at Dame Hannah Roger’s at Seale Hayne, collaborating with students with learning difficulties. In 2015, Phil merged his passions for greenwood craft and music in the conception of Greenwood Music. Since then, he and Aydin have combined their individual skills and talents, working together to take Greenwood Music CIC on an inspiring and progressive journey.


As a long-time adult educator, Aydin is a strong believer in the cathartic power of engaging with nature. His passion has always been being active outdoors, with his childhood in South Devon providing the perfect environment. After completing a combined outdoor education course, Aydin spent time as an instructor in the South West, Liverpool and West London, positively engaging young people in outdoor activities.

Returning to South Devon, Aydin became the Regional Manager at Raleigh International, mentoring and training young people and volunteers for life-changing nature-based experiences, at home and abroad. In 2005, he completed his PGCE and began working as a Regional Manager for the adult education charity, WEA, developing and delivering personal development programmes in the outdoor classroom. It was during this time that he met Phil and was inspired by the opportunities Greenwood Music could offer to build wellbeing and resilience through engagement with nature through workshops.

As well as his teaching qualification and experience in promoting positive outdoor experiences, Aydin has a range of outdoor and personal development qualifications and has spent the past five years developing and delivering workshops to build resilience and wellbeing in a variety of settings for a diverse range of beneficiaries.