Nature-based experiences to boost the wellbeing of your team.

staff development with a difference

Taking place in 40 acres of ancient woodland, our workshops are a departure from traditional corporate retreats. Instead of working on projects or coming up with company roadmaps, the focus is shifted to your employees’ wellbeing, supporting them in learning new skills and being active outdoors.

Whether it’s crafting, nature immersion or conservation activities, all workshops are led by experts in their field and informed by the New Economics Foundation’s ‘Five ways to wellbeing’. These experiences are designed to boost overall wellbeing while inspiring your team to connect with each other and the natural environment around them.

As a social enterprise, you’ll know that the positive impact of your experience reaches beyond your own team. We reinvest 50% of profits into our Wellbeing in Nature programme, a social prescription to the natural health service that supports disadvantaged communities and people with multiple and complex needs. We also offer a 20% discount to charities and social enterprises.

Greenwood Music is committed to conservation, with a focus on positively impacting the climate emergency. Our efforts include sustainable management of our 40-acre ancient woodland and helping our guests foster a deeper connection with nature that enhances environmental awareness.

One-day workshop: inspire

During this one day-experience, your team will find out how to make beautiful, useful items through greenwood craft and bushcraft, learn about the important conservation work taking place in the woods, and experience the feel-good impact of forest bathing. Gather for a meal around the fire and take the time to share and reflect.

Cost: £950. Max 12 people.

Overnight Workshop: Discover

This two-day experience gives your team more time to connect and explore the ancient woodlands while staying overnight in bell tents. Take part in a range of fulfilling activities, including greenwood craft, bushcraft, conservation and forest bathing. Lunch and dinner around the fire are included, providing the perfect opportunity to reflect on the day’s learnings.

Cost: £2100. Max 12 people.


Looking for something else? Get in touch about our bespoke workshop so we can create an experience that will strike the right chord with your team.

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Interested in boosting your team’s wellbeing through back-to-nature experiences? Connect with us to arrange a corporate workshop.

fotonow cic

Over the years, we had worked with the social enterprise Fotonow CIC on many projects merging our unique offer with their passion for developing creative media skills within communities.

It was great to host the full staff team for a Staff Wellbeing in Nature Day giving them to time to slow down, immerse in nature, connect deeper with each other the the natural world around them and share a lovely vegan lunch cooked on the open fire.

Apart from the wellbeing element, there were some great discussions about future collaborations, which was a bonus for all.

memory matters sw

Memory Matters CIC trade for public benefit rather than private gain and all of their projects and services are designed, developed and built on the needs of those affected by dementia.

In order to bring the team together and share in a unique expeience, the award-winning CEO, Kate, tasked us with delivering a challenging and fun Wellbeing in Nature day in Caradon Woods.

Over the day, 18 staff took part in greenwood craft and nature immersion activities interpsersed with copious amounts of tea & coffee and, of course, the standard lunch cooked over the fire (Turkish Soup in this case).

The most raved about activity of the day was our mindful ‘hammock-time’: 30 mins in a hammock set up by the River Lyhner- always a winner!

plymouth university

After being invited to do a presentation about Greenwood Music’s commitment to a sustainable circular economy business approach to the University of Plymouth’s Sustainable Earth Institute, it was great to host a mulit-disciplinary team of academics for a staff wellbeing experience.

The morning was spent on the shave-horses and, after- yes, you guessed- a hot lunch cooked on the fire- our academic colleagues went to experience the woods through the prism of their specialism.

Not only did we have a great day together, but we also managed to discuss various academic partnerships. Since their visit, we have also hosted the School of Biology, worked with a M.Res student around biochar and are hoping to work with a PhD student specialising in Atlantic Rainforest. Not a bad days work!