Get into nature with an immersive wild camping experience

Join us in our glorious Riverside wild space

Embark on an extraordinary wild camping adventure in the Caradon Rainforest, a hidden gem in the heart of Cornwall. As you traverse a spectacular trail through the Atlantic Rainforest, you’ll find yourself transported to a magical Wild Space, surrounded by ancient oaks, hazels and beech trees. The immersive experience begins at the edge of a tranquil river, home to a family of otters, offering a serene backdrop for a night under the stars.

A true wild camping experience

Step into a world where nature has taken the reins, creating a habitat like no other. Caradon Rainforest captivates with its ancient trees forming a canopy above, while mosses and lichens crawl up trees, creating vibrant green walls. As you venture deeper into this enchanting forest, it feels like stepping into a natural wonderland, ready to transport you away from modern living. The immersive atmosphere heightens your sense of adventure, setting the stage for an unforgettable camping experience.

Get closer to nature

Caradon Rainforest stands as a testament to the UK’s Atlantic Rainforests’ unparalleled biodiversity. The narrow temperature range and high humidity create an ideal setting for moisture-loving lichens and bryophytes, forming a maze of magical plant life. Encounter red deer, roe deer, badgers and otters.

booking your adventure

Book our exclusive Wild Space through our partners at CampWild UK to access a network of 100 wild spaces and over 200 Wilder Campsites, fostering a community of like-minded adventurers. CampWild UK annual membership is £20.00 (this is individual or for a household of two adults/two children). 

The cost to Wild camp with us is £30.00/night/membership.

Follow the link below and join CampWild’s community. Once you have paid your membership, navigate to Wild Spaces and choose Caradon Rainforest.

Once booked, CampWild will send you joining instructions including a route card to the Wild Space.