Our Social Impact

What is social impact?

As a social enterprise our business model is to extend beyond simply making a profit.  We want to nurture various positive changes through the work we undertake; it’s the rationale driving our work and a major reason people want to work with Greenwood Music.

Our social impact statement highlights the company’s fundamental social aims. It sets out what we plan to achieve, how we deliver ambition and why making a difference is so significant to us.

Social impact measurement is a set of tools developed to help us to track the outcomes of our work, and the changes that this leads to in the individuals and communities we work with.

The way we measure our impact has been specifically designed to suit our business and we review these every three years in capturing the difference we make.

Why measure social impact?

It helps us as a social enterprise – it will help us to know if our projects work, and whether we are achieving our business aims. It will be part of our project evaluation and help us to identify areas for improvement.

It promotes our work to clients and the public – transparent measurement of our work will help us to demonstrate our value to clients and inform the public of our work.

It helps participants and beneficiaries – showing the difference we make can help beneficiaries to understand what we do and why this might be useful to them.

It advocates for the social enterprise sector – sharing practice and results will help add strength to the sector, and add to the growing evidence of the value of social enterprise.

Our Impact Statement

Greenwood Music is a social enterprise with the aim of enabling and inspiring all, whatever their ability, social background or life circumstances. We provide wellbeing activities in a relaxed and beautiful natural environment. All our workshops are informed by the new economic foundation (nef, 2008) Five Ways to Wellbeing- we support all participants, across all of our programmes; to connect with each other and the natural world, to learn new skills, to be active outdoors, to have the time to mindfully notice where they are and the world around them and to give through shared support and back to nature: all set in our beautiful 40-acre semi-ancient Oak woodland. Across our corporate, open and social purpose programmes we also embed nef’s longlisted ‘ways to wellbeing’: nature and food (nutrition), and Wellbeing at Work specifically to our corporate offer.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest 50% of our profits into our social purpose Wellbeing in Nature programme: a social prescription to the natural health service focused on people with mental health issues, multiple and complex needs, are isolated or struggling through loneliness.

Additionally, wherever possible, we ‘buy social’, buy local and buy ethically.

StonehouseAction! Greenwood Music Workshop

This community group from Stonehouse in Plymouth came and spent an amazing day carving and crafting simple musical instruments. They were treated to a lunch cooked over the open fire and lots of tea and biscuits. They had time to relax, time to laugh whilst connecting with each other and nature and learning new skills. AT the end of the day, they took part in a fun and informal music making activity.

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