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Corporate and Organisations

Even if you have never thought of your employees’ wellbeing as your business, each person’s wellbeing is critical to achieving an organisation’s goals and fulfilling its mission.

Rath and Harter (2010)

Wellbeing in Nature – Wellbeing of your team –  Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing for your team whilst supporting a social enterprise to achieve its social purpose: a boost to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda.

All workshops are informed by Gallup’s 50 years of research into a life well-lived and the new economic foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing (2008)- through connecting with each other and the natural world, learning new skills, being active outdoors, having the time to mindfully notice where they are, what they are achieving and the environment within which they are learning and giving of support to each other. Your team will be supported throughout by our highly professional and experienced team who will ensure that the experience is positive and fun.

All of our offers include a Greenwood Music facilitator delivering a two-hour Wellbeing at Work workshop at your workplace. This will focus on how participants can develop actions and activities within the workplace- and their personal lives- that will continue to boost their wellbeing. Each participant will develop a personal and workplace wellbeing action plan around the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Wellbeing in Nature - Inspire

Inspire is a one-day woodland experience. During the day participants will take part in a variety of experiential woodland activities including greenwood craft, bushcraft, conservation and ‘forest bathing’. Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available throughout and a shared meal, cooked on the fire, will be provided: an opportunity to connect, share and reflect over a hot meal.

Cost: From £950.00 (Max. 12 participants)

Wellbeing in Nature - Discover

Discover offers a two-day workshop which allows participants to go deeper than the Inspire experience. Experiential woodland activities, as per the Inspire workshop, will form the basis of the two days: an opportunity to discover the 40-acre semi ancient woodland and develop deeper skills around green woodcraft and bushcraft. Drinks and food will be available as per the Inspire workshop over the two days.

Cost: From £1,800.00 (Max. 12 participants)

Discover Plus

Discover Plus: As per Discover but with the addition of an immersive overnight experience; staying in the woods accommodated in bell-tents or tree-tents. Dinner and evening activities included. A richer experience and opportunity to really connect around the campfire.

Cost: From £2,100.00 (Max. 12 participants)

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