Woodland Management (Seasonal)

Using traditional hand tools, understand and learn the correct techniques and reasons for carrying out the different forms of traditional woodland management. Hedge-laying is the ancient craft of creating a living, natural boundary to a livestock field or garden, using mainly a billhook. This is normally a two day course.

Coppicing, this one day course is an introduction to coppicing. There will be a mixture of theory and practical sessions. The courses start with a walk through the woods to identifying the species and look at what management has been previously carried out. It will also include planning the work area, layering, practical coppicing, material selection and processing.

Felling and thinning. Learn how to correctly fell a small diameter tree using an axe or bow saw. This is a one day course.

For any information or to discuss any of the above courses please don't hesitate to contact us.

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