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Putting your business at the heart of the local community

Putting your business at the heart of the local community, Greenwood Music CIC (Community Interest Company) was set up with the aims of enabling and inspiring individuals of all abilities, social backgrounds and life circumstances. We provide therapeutic activities in a relaxed and healthy learning environment, allowing people to re-connect and express themselves through a combination of two creative mediums green woodwork and music.

Inspirational and life changing stories

Greenwood Music inspire all to craft, create and play musical instruments through workshops that bring people together to achieve and learn...all set within a beautiful woodland*. We work with community groups, charities and business to increase wellbeing and develop resilience. Our concept has proven benefits aiding the recovery in mental health.


The benefits of CSR to your business

  • At its heart the workshops provide an environment where the people who make up your business have the space and time to work with others, realise their potential and improve their health and performance at work

  • Working with local community groups allows your business to see where your funding is being spent, and how it works to enhance the life chances of others. Your staff will be able to take what they create away with them as a reminder of the whole experience...

  • The Inspire and Discover workshops provide your employees with the opportunity to work alongside people with multiple and complex needs, through traditional creative woodland craft activities that have many benefits for all who take part.

  • focus on good old transferable skills that all of your work force will benefit from e.g. following instruction, working as part of a team,targets and deadlines you know what they are!

  • Having your employees at the centre of your company's corporate and social activity means that you will help others in the local community to develop new skills and as your staff share their experiences, what your company does in this area will be recognised more widely

  • The HSE stated that in 2014/15 stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health issues and 43% of all working days lost. With staff taking part in our workshops we aim to reduce this by opening their awareness to what is around them and how they can benefit.

  • Research also indicates that staff involved with community activity take fewer days off as a result of improved wellbeing and a report presented by the Foresight Project gave rise to the '5 Steps to Wellbeing' which are summarised as: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.


Inspire is a one-day woodland experience where we provide the opportunity for your business to fund and take part in a real and positive community workshop. Your employees give their time to support a local group as they craft and create working alongside the professional and experienced Greenwood Music team as they help disadvantaged people to reach out and achieve. Your team will find new skills within themselves that will open their eyes and enhance their performance in the workplace. This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to be at the centre of inspirational and life changing stories.


Aspire is a voyage of self-awareness where we invite you to join us for what promises to be a very special day. Working with natural materials and hand tools you will find new levels of insight that wake the dormant and creative skills that lie within. Leave the stress behind; switch off your phone and allow yourself to find a more natural pace while making an item that you will be proud of and happy to take home. What better way to say 'thank you' to your staff by giving them the opportunity to craft and play musical instruments from green-wood, knowing that your funding will also support future community workshops.


Discover offers two days of forest fun with the best of both Inspire and Aspire with a healthy mix of your staff who will create and play music alongside local community members. What we craft over the days varies, but we are here to offer our trusted approach, experience and insight to help guide you while crafting a range of percussion instruments that all can play. An opportunity for your workforce not only to discover and reach new personal levels of insight and focus, but good time to truly engage with people who really will benefit from your interaction and help; this is good for your staff, great for your business and a gift to the community.


Explore the creative process that re-boots our minds and puts us back in touch with ourselves and those around us. At Greenwood Music we are all about providing the setting and the tools, the experience and skills for people from all backgrounds to achieve and have fun. So if you already work with a charity, support a community group or simply have some people in mind - maybe a client? just let us know as we would love to suggest a range of workshop and craft activities designed specifically around your requirements where both your business and associated group can explore, create and have fun.

Why choose Greenwood Music

We offer you the opportunity to connect with yourself, each other and nature; to learn new skills, be active and take notice of the world around you; all key components of wellbeing and a resilient workforce. We will support you to give to your workforce and to the wider community.

Greenwood Music is a not for profit CIC (Community Interest Company) working with disadvantaged people from all walks of life, people with multiple and complex needs to the mentally and physically disadvantaged along with people who come from challenging backgrounds. We provide an opportunity for anyone to learn new skills and to feel the positive effects reached by working with each other and nature to achieve, to learn and to have fun. Through this experience we inspire and change how people approach their work and go about their lives.

Stand out from the crowd! A genuine CSR programme affects the way that everyone perceives your business, from the inside and the outside, so tell the world what you do; shout it out on your website and encourage staff to share onlin... be proud of what you do and who you support

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