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Greenwood Music
Computers and technology form a large part of our daily routines. Whilst this can enhance our lives, and is important to our learning and development, traditional crafts, and the skills they teach us are often sidelined or neglected.
Greenwood Music

       Its about, the process.

              Its about, hands on creativity.

                       Its about, channeling energy into a practical craft.

"Since going on Phil's course, his voice is louder. It is a man's voice. He gets himself in and out of the car, including seat belt, with no fuss or prompting. He seems to be more hopeful and willing to try new things" - Anne Buttenshaw


Greenwood Music's own experience and research has shown that the combination of these mediums can develop creativity and improve physical dexterity, coordination and confidence. This can lead to a greater physical and emotional well-being, a sense of self worth and an increased ability to cope with stress. It encourages the development of a more active and independent approach to life.

Greenwood Music

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