Awards for All - "Grow for good"

Grow 4 Good
Grow 4 Good provides opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion to learn about and engage with organic gardening and nursery stock production. The project helps improve their personal, social and life skills, providing a sense of identity by being a member of a working community.

Participants from Grow for Good took part in a two and a half day workshop making xylophones. After a steady start, everyone became fully immersed in their making. For most of the group it was a new experience, as they had not done green woodwork before. However it soon became clear that everyone found their space and their pace. A great few days and a real eye opener for me.

Grow 4 Good

Grow 4 Good
Grow 4 Good

"At the beginning I wasn't sure, but I've loved it! We started out without much confidence with the tools that we haven't used before, but it's been surprisingly easy and really fun."
"It doesn't matter if I don't finish anything. It's about the journey, not the arrival."
"There's something really special about carving a block of wood and slowly turning it into something"
"I love the drawknifes, I think there brilliant"
"If this was the only thing I made all day I would be happy"

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