Awards for All - "Burrator"

Plymouth Guild
South West Lakes Trust
Active For Life

Clients and support workers from the Plymouth based organisation Active For Life, a service which supports and promotes physical activity in adults with mental health problems and/or learning disabilities, and volunteers from the South West Lakes Trust enjoyed two and a half days of activities with Greenwood Music.

The groups used traditional green woodworking tools and techniques to make claves and clackers. On the final half day the group participated in a music and rhythm composition workshop. It was clear that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time and found the whole experience extremely relaxing.


"I felt very relaxed making musical instruments, At first I was nervous but with Phil's help I got through it and made two instruments"
"I found creating a fundamental object from raw materials rewarding. I enjoyed having some freedom to make instruments to my own specification, while still working within guided parameters. Making in this way feels more like personal expression, eliminating agitation from my labour"
"Great session, for the first time in ages I forget about 'other things' and enjoyed the moment. Found confidence using the drawknife, I didn't once look at the time"
"Today has been fun, Learnt how to make instruments which I have not done before would do it again"
"A fantastic day creating instruments using green woodworking, greatly improving my use of a shave horse and drawknife, surprisingly relaxing when using the shave horse"
"Really fun session and sense of achievement. Great to make something and take it home very therapeutic using the shave horse. Relaxing to do it at a beautiful location too"
It was great to indulge in the experience rather than watching /managing others"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the days, first time working with any kind of wood"

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