About Greenwood Music CIC (Community Interest Company)

GREENWOOD MUSIC is a social enterprise developed by Phil Harwin, offering a variety of bespoke greenwood craft workshops, the main focus being on making musical percussion instruments.

These courses provide the opportunity for those who are less physically and/or economically mobile, who are disadvantaged mentally or emotionally, and have a need for therapeutic and transformational experiences.

These workshops are totally mobile and can be set up anywhere. All the tools and sustainably sourced materials are provided. The workshops can run at city centre venues, village halls and community centres, creating an environment free of technology, making it a grounding hands-on experience.

No previous woodwork or musical experience is needed.
Greenwood Music

"We aim to respond to the needs of people sensitively, with regard to all aspects of diversity"
"We are open and responsive to changes"
"Phil's extensive knowledge and expertise in green wood working has been truly inspirational both to the participants he teaches and those connected with the course"

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